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Consisting present Agreement and its addition present PELEPARE USER AGREEMENT (hereinafter it will be cited as "USER AGREEMENT"), is arranged between Pelepare General Trading Co. On Internet Ltd (hereinafter it will to be cited as PELEPARE) and USER signed up as a member to website (hereinafter it will be cited as WEBSITE) during the time of approval by the USER in the the electronic environment where the WEBSITE is located.

In present agreement ;

PELEPARE: It means company of technology and services providing secure payment / collection services between STORE and USERs through the sales of goods and services, payment of the costs / collection conducted on websites owned by STORE,

STORE: It means legal (individual) or juridical persons (companies) who have trade authority and tax liability in terms of current laws of REPUBLIC OF IRAQ and the Kurdistan Federation Government, put up for sale the goods and services owned by it or it is authorized seller and sell them to USERs, use "PELEPARE secure payment / collection system” during the collection of sales costs on the website owned and directed by itself,

STORE WEB SITE: It means website which puts up for sale its goods and services owned and/or directed by STORE, on which displayed the features, selling prices, payment options and delivery conditions of goods and services sold, and where sale contract between USERs and goods and/or service finalized among themselves,

USER: It means legal or juridical persons authorized for buying goods or service from STORE web sites negotiated with PELEPARE, by signing up as a member to website and using "PELEPARE secure payment / collection system” (on internet and internet-like environments and physical POS devices),

PELEPARE VIRTUAL POS PAYMENT SYSTEM: It means virtual payment system that enables USERs to make payment to STORE for the costs of goods and services carried on the websites owned by STORE,

STORE PELEPARE ACCOUNT: It means STORE ACCOUNT in PELEPARE VIRTUAL POS PAYMENT SYSTEM, which STORE can deposit and withdraw money and in which money exchange record is kept in PELEPARE system,

It means USER ACCOUNT in PELEPARE VIRTUAL POS PAYMENT SYSTEM, which USER can deposit and withdraw money and in which money exchange record is kept in PELEPARE system.


The present subject of this User Agreement is to determine the conditions of USERs’ benefits and the rights and obligations of the parties in PELEPARE VIRTUAL POS PAYMENT SYSTEM services and the physical POS collection system .

By accepting the provisions of the User Agreement, USER has also accepted any kind of statements located in WEBSITE explained and will be explained by PELEPARE about usage and membership.


4.1. USER acknowledges, agrees and undertakes to comply all conditions in present User Agreement and its additions, rules related to website usage, all applicable legislations when it benefits from PELEPARE VIRTUAL POS PAYMENT SYSTEM and physical POS collection system and / or makes any action on the website.

4.2. USER acknowledges, agrees and undertakes that PELEPARE will be authorized to notify official institutions, bodies and authorities with the information stored in the official website or itself, with the necessity of applicable mandatory provisions of the legislation and can not be a claim for compensation from PELEPARE in any case in any way.

4.3. USER acknowledges, agrees and undertakes that PELEPARE has no responsibility directly or indirectly from the issues about whole of negligence and defects of site members while they meet and / or site when trading will use the user name, password, etc. all kinds of information security, storage, third-person knowledge be kept away from the situation concerning the issues completely is their responsibility.

4.4. USER acknowledges, agrees and undertakes that all data provided by themselves including the information stated in article 4.3 of present Agreement, but not only limited with those is up to date, correct and lawful. USERs acknowledges, agrees and undertakes that PELEPARE will not be responsible in any way from emerging damages because of false or incorrect information transmitted by them.

4.5. USERs acknowledge, agree and undertake to transfer the payments of goods and / or services that they will buy from STORE websites, to the STORE ACCOUNT using PELEPARE SAFE PAYMENT / COLLECTION SYSTEM.

4.6. USERs acknowledge, agree and undertake that STORE will have all the responsibility of the return / receipt of cost related to Goods and / or services, and therefore they will not have any right, transaction claim from PELEPARE.

4.7. USERs acknowledge, agree and undertake that STORE will be the only responsible from any loss may arise related to selling goods and services when it is contrary any applicable legislation / regulations using PELEPARE VIRTUAL POS PAYMENT SYSTEM and physical POS collections.

4.8. USERs acknowledge, agree and undertake that STORE is the only responsible about the relevant legislation relation to sold goods and / or services and PELEPARE is not a side of the contract and / or service contract or other legal relationship between USER and STORE in any way and in any circumstances.

4.9. USERs acknowledge, agree and undertake that, PELEPARE is not a legislation vendor, provider, manufacturer, distributor, dealers, agents, advertisers, media organizations within the relevant.

4.10. USERs acknowledge, agree and undertake that, PELEPARE -without showing any reason- may stop operations and transactions carried out with STORE due to the suspension of any of PELEPARE rights, claims or losses would not seek under present Agreement

4.11. USERs acknowledge, agree and undertake that PELEPARE may offer services in present Agreement for a fee at any time, in addition services provided may change and the services offered exchange rights reserved by PELEPARE

4.12. USERS may ask to process as a STORE and demand VIRTUAL STORE POS PAYMENT SYSTEM or physical POS collection system system from PELEPARE for use on their website. In this case USERs acknowledge, agree and undertake to sign STORE AGREEMENT with the name of STORE and provisions contained in STORE AGREEMENT will be applicable.

4.13. USERS acknowledge that to be shared of information and data offered to PELEPARE by themselves with only limited by Pelepare General Trading Co. On Internet Ltd’s associates and / or member businesses in the framework of trade relations where necessary, in order to develop commercial realationships.

4.14. USERs acknowledge, agree that PELEPARE may inform them about PELEPARE and Pelepare General Trading Co. On Internet Ltd products and services via email and sms notification at any time.


5.1. PELEPARE acknowledge, agree and undertake to transfer payment no more than one working day from USER PELEPARE ACCOUNT to STORE PELEPARE ACCOUNT if the USERs make payment related to shopping process from STOREs,

5.3. PELEPARE may make necessary changes and / or adjustments on PELEPARE VIRTUAL POS PAYMENT SYSTEM to enable business system to perform more effectively defined in the present Agreement and the transactions.


PELEPARE may explain or use the USER information related to present Agreement, and present ANNEX 1 Privacy Policy of Agreement,


Any kind of WEBSITE design, text, and all codes including, but not limited to, all elements PELEPARE as belonging to and / or from a third person by PELEPARE rights are used under license. USERs can not do or can not prepare all work related to PELEPARE all these elements and PELEPARE the subject to copyright, PELEPARE brand, any information the of PELEPARE not copy, sell, share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce, derived from these studies, otherwise, they shall be liable for all any other damages PELEPARE losses suffered by and licensors, including, but not limited to, a third party will incur losses and damages due PELEPARE be requested from the amount of compensation, and this relates to court costs and attorney fees, including but not limited to those.


In all cases considered legally 'force majeure', PELEPARE, is not responsible for fulfilling the obligations by late or incomplete to any of performance that determined by present User Agreement. , Any claim for compensation will not be demanded to PELEPARE, for delays, incomplete or default be deemed to exercise or not to exercise or in this case for a under any name from PELEPARE on present and similar cases. "Force Majeure" will be interpreted as a term, natural disasters, riots, war, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power outages and bad weather conditions including but not limited to, provided the interested parties outside the reasonable control and diligence, although not prevent, events as unavoidable.


In the implementation and interpretation of present User Agreement, and management of legal relations arising under the provisions will be applied IRAQ and the KURDISTAN LAW. In any settlement of any disputes arising or that may arise from Present User Agreement, Erbil Courts and the Executive Offices are authorized.


Present User Agreement will remain in effect as long as the USER is a member of WEBSITE and provisions shall continue to have effect between the parties.

PELEPAR has the right of closing user's accounts to the USERs of present User Agreement and / or the WEBSITE in the operation, membership and presented on the WEBSITE regarding services similar rules for violations contract unilaterally dissolved the is entitled. In this case, USERs obliged to compensate all damages suffered by them against PELEPARE due to the termination.


All rights related to the area of the web site ( referred to "Web Site" )belong to Pelepare General Trading Co. On Internet Ltd (referred to "PELEPARE").

PELEPARE will not disclose personal information transmitted electronically by the USER, objectives and scope to third parties the Web Site except its Privacy Policy as determined.

Personal information, contact name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card information about the user, such as for describing all kinds of other information comprises, in short, the "Confidential Information" herein. To PELEPARE, unless otherwise stated in present Privacy Policy, and except in limited circumstances described below, personal information, or any company will not disclose to third parties. These conditions;

a. Issued by the competent legal authorities and the applicable Laws, Regulations, etc. to comply with the obligations imposed by law;

b. By the competent administrative or judicial authority, carried out according to the procedure in order to conduct an investigation or an inquiry, requested information about users;

PELEPARE undertakes to take all measures and necessary care to your personal information private and confidential to keep it a secret storage obligation considered him to be, and ensuring confidentiality and maintaining the confidential information of the whole or any part of the public entering the field or unauthorized use, or a third party disclosure necessary to prevent is committed..

PELEPARE will not have any responsibility but the attacks on the Website and system damage as a result of confidential information falling into the hands of third parties, although PELEPARE receive the necessary information security measures,

PELEPARE may obtain to users information, communication techniques file (Cookie) and users on the use of the Web Site. Such technical communication files to be stored in main memory, a web site, the user's browser (browser) which are small text files sent. Technical communication file, a web site that is used by many people, a person's web site for any purpose, had visited many times and stayed on the site about how to obtain statistical information available. Most of the scanner, especially in technical communication file format is designed to accept; however, users of the file if they want to avoid technical communication or technical communication will enable alerts when sending a file format, can change your browser settings.

PELEPARE may unilaterally change presents "Privacy Policy" provisions at any time by posting on the Website. Provisions that PELEPARE changes "Privacy Policy" enter into force on the date of publication on the Website.