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  1. What is Pelepare?
    Pelepare is the 1st online payment system available in the Iraq, and it allows users to purchase items right away over the Internet through E-commerce websites in Iraq.
  2. How it works?
    Firstly, you need to register at After a successful registration, you will have your own Customer Id and password. You can add balance to your account using Pelepare scratch cards. In order to shop online and use pelepare as payment method, you must follow these steps:
    • First of all, make sure that the website accepts Pelepare as payment method.
    • Make sure that your shipping details, payment method, and order details are correct.
    • In the checkout page choose Pelepare as payment and fill out the required information.
    • Finally, you will receive an SMS to confirm the payment
  3. Is it free to create a Pelepare account?
    Yes, it is free to create an account.
  4. How can I transfer balance?
    First of all login into your Pelepare account, and then click on “Transfer Balance” tab shown on the left panel of the page. Finally, insert the identification information of the recipient as shown below:
    • Recipient Email Address associated with his/her Pelepare account
    • Recipient Phone Number associated with his/her Pelepare account
    • Specify the amount of money that you want to Transfer.
  5. To whom I can Transfer balance?
    You can Transfer Pelepare balance to those who already have Pelepare account.
  6. Is there any Transferring limit?
    Yes, it is maximum 2000$ per each transfer (day).
  7. Is there any Transaction fees?
    Yes, there are few transaction fees based on Pelepare Terms & Conditions. The fees are described below:
    • Transferring Fees: 0$ to 100$: 2$, 100$+: %2
    • Receive online payments (Merchant Account): %2
    • Withdraw Money: FREE
  8. Can I add Balance by visiting one of the Pelepare Offices?
    Yes, you can.
  9. I forgot my Username or Password. What should I do?
    You can get your password back by following the steps below:
    • Go to sign-in page.
    • Click on “I forgot my password” link right below the Username and password field, and then you will be redirected to Password Reset Page.
    • Enter your email address and phone number associated with your Pelepare account
    • Enter the 3 digit CVC code shown on your Pelepare Card.
  10. How do I add balance to my account?
    You can charge your account with Pelepare’s scratch cards as 50$, 100$, 200$ and 500$. Once you have a scratch card, login into your Pelepare account, and then click on “Add Balance” tab on the left panel of the page. Finally, enter the scratch card information as described below:
    • Pin Number: 16 digits pin number.
    • Serial Number: The serial number associated with the scratch card.
    • Amount: Confirm the scratch card Amount.
  11. Can we have an account as a company?
    Yes, you can have Merchant Account as a company.
  12. What’s Pelepare Merchant Account? And how can I open it?
    Merchant account allows Markets and shops to sell their items online and receive the funds via Pelepare Credit Card. The collect funds will also be transferred into Pelepare Merchant Account of a particular vendor.In order to create a merchant account, making a contract.
  13. Do you share my membership information with any other companies?
    No, we do not share our customer’s information with any other companies or 3rd party applications. All the information is securely stored in our system.
  14. Do I responsible for Pelepare Terms & Conditions?
    Yes, you are responsible for all Terms & Conditions.