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Pelepare, established in 2014 by Edicoo Online Group, is the 1st online payment system available in Iraq, and our management team is the most experienced web developer experts with the background in online payment system and marketing.

Pelepare mainly allows users to purchase items right away over the Internet through E-commerce websites in Iraq.

Pelepare is a secure and easy to use payment method that designed and customized to serve and support online shoppers in Iraq. It gives its users the possibility to buy items online without having face to face communication between customers and sellers.

Pelepare has built a large network of trustworthy and approachable retailers creating its availability to its users and spread spots across cities within Iraq. Thus, it will make it easier to all online buyers in Iraq to fund their Pelepare accounts and spend these funds to shop online from those merchants who accept Pelepare as a payment method.

In general, pelepare can be used for the following services:

  • Online Shopping
  • Money Transfer
  • Deposit Money
  • Withdraw Money

There are 18 available spot locations in Iraq where users can deposit and withdraw money in a convenient way.